How To Get Job Of A US Navy Commission Officer.


If you are thinking of joining the US Navy or have already done so, you may want to become a commissioner. By providing many avenues of commission, the Navy can meet the needs of its personnel more efficiently while meeting a variety of conditions. The right road for each individual is determined by balancing two basic factors: what the Navy needs a man to be an airman and what a man is qualified to do.

American New York Academy:

The United States Naval Academy (UNA) offers eligible young people an opportunity to pursue careers as naval officers.

All academy applicants must be nominated by a member of the executive or legislative branches of government (e.g., a congressman, center, or president) to be considered for the meeting. There are many designated sources; Applicants should apply to all of them.

Each year, the Secretary of New York may be nominated for admission to the National Academy 85 Active Duty Navy and Marine Corps designated personnel and 85 Navy and Marine Corps reserve personnel or assigned to a drill unit.

Navy Academy Prep School:

Newport, R.I. The Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAAPS), located in the USNA, provides intensive teaching and preparation for educational, military, and physical training curricula. The NASS Academy will continue through August each year for candidates enrolling in July.

NROTC Scholarship Program:

The Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps (NORTC) Scholarship Program leads to the deployment as a Navy or Marine Corps officer or to the rank of second lieutenant. NORTT programs aim to provide education and training to commercial men and women as commissioners for careers.

The NORTC program is designed, to provide the Navy with naval line officers. Only individuals who are open to the possibility of pursuing a career in the Navy or Marine Corps should apply.

There are a limited number of NORTC scholarships available to college students who want to become nurse corps officers. They must meet all eligibility requirements for the NROCT program and compete for admission to a university with a nursing college.

BOOST Program:

The Navy is engaged in a strong effort, that any career opportunities as a Navy officer may be missed by educational institutions, but those who have shown that they have the basic qualities and desire to get a commission.

To help these individuals hone their skills, the Navy offered vast opportunities for the Officer Selection and Training (BOOST) program. Boost has selected individuals to enroll in the NAORTT program or USNA.

Listing Commissioning Program (ECC)

ECC offers undergraduate personnel, who have previous college credit, a full opportunity to fully meet the requirements for a formal degree and earn a commission.

Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Program:

The CWO program (with a limited duty officer program) is one of the early enrollment-related programs that does not require a college education. The CWO provides technical expertise at a relatively stable grade level in the structure of officers.

Armed Forces Health Professor Scholarship Program:

This is a highly competitive program for those who want to become a doctor, dentist, or optometrist. Applicants can apply for a 2-, 3- or 4-year scholarship.

Individuals admitted to this program receive a commission in inactive duty in the Navy until they graduate when they lie and enter active service. One year for the annual obligation (following residency obligation) based on receiving the Graduates Scholarship.

A Medical Listing Commissioning Program:

The Medical Academic Commissioning Program offers all ranking personnel the opportunity to become in the Nurse Corps, and allows them to pursue their science degree in Nursing.

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